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The house of the arts in Sampaloc Manila. Come chill at iChill Theater Cafe – coffee shop and underground theater

A theater cafe, or more concretely iChill Theater Cafe is a coffee shop with a theater theme where you get free food for performing on stage even!

Aside from that there’s a theater where regular performances happen: acoustic concerts, film screenings, debates, rehearsals, parties, poetry, theater…

Open from 5pm to 1am serving espresso coffee, frappes, smoothies, food and more!  THO CLOSED DURING QUARANTINE

Open mic at iChill Theater Cafe

Open mic at iChill Theater Cafe

Get free snacks with your drink just by turning on the open mic and cracking a joke, singing a song, reciting a poem, making a political speech…

And now there is a massage chair, you even get a free 5 minutes massage! How about that!

A karaoke KTV big screen and events venue upstairs that you can enjoy for your parties for just 900php an hour with no food in concept of corkage fee and free technical assistance, aircon, equipment use and electricity and you can bring all food and drinks and people you want! And you can even get it for free by booking it for 1800php per hour 100% consumable at the bar. Yep, you heard it, for free!

Events space at iChill Theater Cafe

Events space at iChill Theater Cafe

Want to see some videos of what happens regularly at iChill Theater Cafe? Sure. Check Youtube search here.

Are you a performer? We are looking for you! Searching for artists to perform at the theater venue at the second floor.

We regularly program activities like theater, accoustic concerts, stand up comedy, films, debates and talks, etc. Give us your email to have you updated!

May the Coffee be with You!

iChill Theater Cafe is the favorite cafe of Thomasians because it’s near, cool, relaxing and friendly. Here you can get free wifi, free electric plugs for your gadgets all over the place, a relaxing 5 min massage, and a very strong and yummy coffee to keep you awake and productive!


1125 Dos Castillas st. Sampaloc Manila
(near UST hospital, behind McDo Lacson)
http://ichillt heatercafe.com
Phone: 5313 5321

Facebook & Twitter & Instagram for more info and updates 🙂