iChill Theater Cafe Metro Manila

iChill Theater Cafe Metro Manila

iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila: Why iChill?

Coffee at iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila. There are times that all you ever need to get the day going is coffee. Then you find iChill open ready to satisfy your craving for coffee because it’s a theater cafe. Also, you feel at home being here. Whether you’re a student, teacher, alumni or some other soul lost in this side of Sampaloc, you won’t feel lost in the shuffle. All you have to do is enter iChill Theater Cafe and buy yourself a coffee. And there are more reasons why you should hangout here.

Perfect for lazy afternoons. [iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila]

So you have a class by 5pm and afternoons get so hot. And you feel too lazy to do whatever. Even if your deadline is tomorrow. Think “iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila”. Because they serve coffee intended to keep you up and about. Caffeine may be addicting. But it boosted the demand for a productive afternoon at school and its adjacent joints. Like how can you function appropriately when you’re too sleepy to even pick up a pen? The moment you realize that your pack of instant coffee is not working for you, go to iChill Theater Cafe.

Rainy days should never get you down. [iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila]

Frappes are a staple in most coffee shops. But whether you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, you would always have this craving for warm food and drinks. Coffee had always been served hot anyway. Why not have it at iChill Theater Cafe? The unpredictable rainy season also bolstered a demand for tummy warmers. Like ramen. You can have it warm. You can have it spicy. When your folks told you to keep your tummy satisfied, might as well get it filled. Less “sabaw” moments in the classroom because you’ve had “sabaw with laman” during merienda time.
ichill theater cafe metro manila

Ideal for brainstorming sessions. [iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila]

This applies best for individuals in the campus theater community. Several musical theater tracks play in the background to help you write the next Pinoy musical hit. There were days when iChill Theater Cafe played tracks from “Fiddler on the Roof”. Other days, tracks from “Annie Get Your Gun” get some theater nerds up and about. Kids today may not be so familiar with Rodgers and Hammerstein and the likes of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter. But hearing their compositions while you finish your waffle sandwich would make you appreciate musical theater more. Hanging out and seeing posters for “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, “Chicago” and “The Man of La Mancha” would spin more ideas visually for aspiring theater professionals in Metro Manila today.

ichill theater cafe metro manila

One of the spaciest venues for your private karaoke party [iChill Theater Cafe Manila Metro Manila]

When you wanted to sing your heart out and not be limited by the space constraints. iChill becomes the highly recommended venue for your private karaoke party. Sometimes you just wanted to sing in a slightly larger area. But you still wanted to limit your audience to your friends and family. And that’s fine. Performance issues usually kick in even if singing is just a hobby for you. If you can only sing in the presence of your clan or officemates, do it at iChill Theater Cafe. The stage is yours. The karaoke is highlighted by the overhead projector for you to see the lyrics clearly. The larger the lyrics. The easier it is for you to sing along with the rest of the folks.

How to book?

Drop by iChill Theater Cafe. It’s located at Dos Castillas St, Sampaloc, Manila. You can also call and make reservations by calling 3135321. Updates and promos are also found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your convenience.