Juba film Winner for best photography at iChill Manila Int Film Fest

Congrats Juba film for winning best photography at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!


Juba is a young woman who makes her living juggling in the streets of Cuiabá. In one of these rare opportunities that life offers, Juba and her co-workers receive an irrefutable proposal. But even with everything combined, some details of her complex life make the decision harder than it seems. The film shows, in an intimate, simple and unpretentious way, how dreams and life itself blend and if it is possible for art to survive reality.


First assistant director Jorge  Antônio
Executive Producer Bárbara  Varela
Production manager Pa Nogueira
Casting director Jana Paula
Lead actor / actress Mariana Mendes
Supporting actor / actress Adolfo Peralta
Original material author Severino  Neto
Scriptwriter Severino Neto


Congrats and until next festival!