It’s About Love film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan 2018

It’s About Love film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan 2018

It’s About Love

A filmmaker goes searching for the secret of love, and instead meets Rick, Jane, Peter, Manna and a host of other oddballs. We catch a glimpse into these damaged souls as their romantic destinies become intertwined while spending time in their favorite city park.

“Fantastic film!”
“Highly original”
“Really funny”
“Wonderful cast”
“As real as a mirror”


Director Biography

My core training in acting is from the Stella Adler Studio in New York. I love acting and filmmaking and Vancouver where I now live is a beautiful place to make films. I am interested in the dramas, delights, passions and heartbreaks that take place in everyday interactions (or lack thereof) between ordinary people. Most of my films have dealt with human-scale issues such as tough choices, love, dreams, hope and finding meaning and fun in life. I love an underdog story! My motto is don’t let anything get in the way of telling a story that might uplift someone – film it with your smartphone if that’s what you have, but get it done and share it with the world.

Director Statement

On the surface, It’s About Love is a funny and bittersweet look at what it is like to find love in mid-life or later. We totally know these people – they are our friends, siblings, coworkers, our aunts or uncles, maybe even ourselves.

The frame of the story is a park bench, where we get to watch the drama of people meeting, and feeling out friendships and more. On that level alone, the film is a delicious look in the mirror at ourselves as complex, baggage-carrying souls who approach relating with varying degrees of alacrity and skill.

Beneath the engaging and entertaining surface, though, It’s About Love also causes us to question what it is we seek in relating to others, and how much responsibility we each have to heal our own past wounds versus relying on someone else to do it for us. The film takes a realistic look at the multi-generational effects of narcissistic parenting, addictions and the many other spices that go into making us who we are later in life.

Despite its challenging subject matter, It’s About Love never gets obvious or preachy, and its light touch is a real delight to experience. I’m sure everyone who sees this film will have their own personal favorite characters they root for, but in the end, I bet we wish them all well.

Director Robert David Duncan adds:

I’m interested in the social function of park benches, and consider them to be an original form of social media or dating sites. My wife and I courted and fell in love on park benches and hang out on them all the time. Over the years, we see the same characters that we have a nodding acquaintance with. They come and go, sometimes they are paired up, and sometimes they are on their own again. I always wanted to tell a story about these kinds of people: inner-city, older, single, interesting, complex and maybe a bit sad or disconnected. One of my favorite compliments about the film has been: “We totally know these people.” I hope you enjoy getting to know them too!



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