Nikki film to join iChill Manila International Film Fest

Nikki film to join iChill Manila International Film Fest
Vince is the perfect killer. He does his job calmly and concentrated
and can't be upset by anything. Even his victims calmed down
when he lets her tell her about her most beautiful day one last time.
One day, however, an order with the as beautiful as
dangerous Nikki together. Nikki is no stranger to Vince because she is
share not only a common past but also Vinces most beautiful
They stay together in a hotel and for a short
For a moment it seems to Vince that he can return his past love
win. But after an ominous phone call, Nikki disappears, only to
Tomorrow strewn with bruises to come back. Vince is slowly realizing
that he can't win Nikki back.
Nikki is injured when her order is executed the next day. Vince
takes care of their wound and they become intimate with each other for the last time. Vince
draws hope again, but the next morning Nikki has disappeared.
After some research, Vince finds out where she is.
He sets out to save her and someone comes to the grand finale
fatal love.

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