About Universe film is the Winner for Most Controversial at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!

About Universe film is the Winner for Most Controversial at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!

Congratulations About Universe film for being the Winner for Most Controversial at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!

A boy went to school. That day the teacher asked in the class about the universe. The answer, however, was not known to that boy. Along with him this film also quested for the meaning of the universe.

Director Biography – Prithwish Roy

Prithwish Roy was born in Kolkata, the foremost city for cultural movement in India, in the year of 1963. He is engaged in bengali theatre movement since childhood. He is one of the founder members and actors of the theatre group ‘Protyay’, which has been producing dramas since 1974. Author of the drama ‘Chithibabu’ which was performed in major auditoriums in Kolkata. Scripted, directed and acted in several audio-dramas, the CD of which was also published.He learnt photography under the tutelage of Benu Sen and got his diploma on still-photography. He participated in various national and international salons and his works won several awards. The Ministry of Art & Culture of Poland, for his work ‘Dilemma’, awarded him with golden plaque. Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique honoured him as AFIAP. His still photos were used as permanent backdrop in News programmes in Doordarshan, Kolkata. He is engaged in cine society movement and a life-member of ‘Cine Guild Bally’. He completed Diploma on video film direction. Apart from stories and poems, his articles on film and theatre were also published in different magazines. Three scripts of him were selected and telecast in ‘Rang-Tamasha’ programme in Doordarshan, Kolkata. His first short film ‘Dirty Minds !!'(2015) was accepted in several international film festivals. His second short film ‘Khelna’ aka ‘Toy’(2017) has so far been accepted in five international film festivals and awarded in ‘4th Pink City International Short Film Festival 2017’ and ‘Canada Shorts Film Festival 2017’. ‘Bishay Brahmanda’ aka ‘About Universe’(2018) is his third short film. At present he is busy with his full-length documentary on folk art of Bengal.

Director Statement

When the very word ‘universe’ is heard, the words like the solar system, galaxy, comet, stars, planets, black hole, etc. automatically come to the mind. The persons, who are privileged enough to get some education, may define the universe in this way. But there are others as well. Do they interpret the universe in the same fashion? Is not their own definition very much true to them? In this film the answer to these questions is sought for in cinematic language.


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