Cheapest KTV in Manila

Cheapest KTV in Manila

Looking for the cheapest KTV in Manila in inevitable when you wanted to stay within budget and when you wanted to squeeze the value out of the place. Sometimes it’s better to have spent less and get less than spend more and get less. Sure, the Philippine economy is in between progressive and stagnant. But when you are operating a business in a price-conscious market, you need to ensure that going cheap price-wise does not have to mean going going cheap in terms of quality too.

This is where iChill Theater Cafe sees an opportunity to cater to another market – the young urban professionals that needed a KTV joint that they can’t keep to themselves during exclusive parties. What is there to offer in the all-consumable price of Php2000?

Cheapest KTV in Manila

– 100% Consumable

Option 1: Free space 100% consumable food and drinks for Php2000.
Option 2: Free space without food or drinks. You pay Php1000 per hour as corkage fee and can bring your own food and drinks. Plus free use of equipment, WiFi, aircon and electricity. With no food or drinks.

[Drinks can go with ramen, pasta, nachos or popcorn while enjoying a night of karaoke with friends. Getting booked in one of the cheapest KTV in Manila doesn’t have to mean scrimping on food as you will then realize on the next bullet point.]

– No headcount

The package mentioned does not specify any headcount. But filling it up with your closest friends and relatives during a karaoke party is highly recommended. Potluck is allowed for the all-inclusive deals. Previous groups have occupied the place, grabbing the all-consumable deal and brought their own pizza. They didn’t get charged for it granted they do it at the second floor where the karaoke is.

– 2 microphones

Some friends enjoy karaoke parties more when there are duets. Songs like “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang”, “Ikaw Lamang Hanggang Ngayon” and “When You Believe” still feels better sung when done in a duet. So instead of getting into situations where 2 of you share a microphone in a song demanded to be sung as a duet, you get your own microphones here in one of the cheapest KTV in Manila.

Cheapest KTV in Manila

– Widescreen display

Some karaoke enthusiasts often struggle in reading the lyrics in conventional community karaoke machines. They have to move closer to the machine just to read the lyrics to at least sing the song right. In iChill Theater Cafe, the stage’s white wall becomes the screen for the overhead projector-assisted karaoke machine to use. It results in enlarged lyrics at the bottom of the screen big enough to maintain a decent distance between the screen and the person singing. No need to squint your eyes or stand up to get closer to the karaoke when you need the lyrics bright and clear.

– It’s more intimate

There are karaoke parties that you would prefer enjoying in a closed but spacious area where you can get drunk and be subjected to less gossip. This is because you are with your friends. You sing together. If someone is off-key, at least it’s just among yourselves. Some friends might find it easier to sing in a smaller audience where there is less scrutiny. Also, you get halfway between smashed and drunk together afterwards.

Seasonal deals also come and go here at one of the cheapest KTV in Manila, iChill Theater Cafe. But these deals can only be available for so long. Like and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more info and updates respectively for more details. You never know which deals would suit the occasion or event you’re planning at the moment. See you at the coffee shop.

Cheapest KTV in Manila