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Coffee Shop in Manila

coffee shop in Manila

Having a coffee shop in Manila located close by the University of Santo Tomas compound is very convenient. Students with vacant slots in between subjects have enough time to unwind somewhere within walking distance area. And iChill Theater Cafe is an ideal spot to hang around while killing time.

coffee shop in Manila

If you have been subscribed to the ANC, chances are you have found this coffee shop in Manila – iChill Theater Cafe. It is located behind McDo Lacson Ave which is just across the street from UST Hospital. It got featured first on ANC’s CityScape, showcasing one of those joints worth hopping into to unwind.

It may have been awhile since you returned to this cafe. Now that kids are back to school (depending on which school you’re enrolled at the moment), you have to opportunity to get back in this coffee shop in Manila. And you better be if you prefer your coffee tasting brewed and warm. Some customers enjoy coming over to have that fresh taste of coffee beans ground to perfection. Once ready to mix, it would be served depending on how you ordered it. And that’s where the fun begins.

coffee shop in Manila

You see, the menu has changed only by name. But in this way, this coffee shop in Manila managed to present a better idea of how your drink would be if ever they are characterized. Ordering a tumbler of Fat Albert means consuming gratuitous chocolate the way someĀ frappes are meant to be. In iChill Theater Cafe, when your drinks are named James Bond and Othello, it stirs up images in your head if you are familiar with these characters. No wonder most of the customers that get the pop culture references are musical theater fans. That’s when the “theater cafe” in iChill Theater Cafe makes sense.

Some coffee shops claim that their drinks have character. But iChill Theater Cafe simply named their drinks after famous characters to cut to the chase. This coffee shop in Manila has less frills and more service. From the way their named their drinks to how polite and considerate the baristas are, a free massage is available for anyone ordering food and drink items on the menu. Now how’s that for break time in between subjects in college? Some folks only remember relaxation time when opportunity arises.

If a coffee shop in Manila can be this close to where you are, spend time there whenever you can. It helps to get around the compound and discover a new watering hole.

Have fun at iChill Theater Cafe. This coffee shop in Manila has deals and promos constantly posted on Facebook and Twitter. All that is left for you to do is like their official Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @iChillTheater. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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