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Family KTV Bars in Manila

Family KTV Bars in Manila

Some family KTV bars in Manila meant to package their venue consistently to how they labeled it. A karaoke party is where everyone, including the kids, is welcome. Everyone can sing their hearts out and leave their worries by the door. Fun is not just a priority. It should be the only thing in their minds. Even just for a couple of hours. What makes iChill Theater Cafe one of the ideal family KTV bars for your next karaoke party?

Family KTV Bars in Manila

Family KTV Bars in Manila should be comfortable.

How comfortable can you get at iChill Theater Cafe? The sofa is a given. But if you have been here before, you knew that the KTV room is spacious. About a dozen tables and chairs can fit between the karaoke machine and the sofa. That includes the coffee table in front of the sofa. The tables in most family KTV bars in Manila are intended for the ordered food and drinks. But you have the option to set them aside as there are coffee tables close to the karaoke machine. Some previous karaoke enthusiasts would have the food and drinks served on the glass coffee tables. Then slump on the floor as there are throw pillows for them to sit on.

You can sit on the floor. You can sit on 2 or 3 throw pillows. You can sit on the chairs paired with the folding wooden tables. While waiting for the rest to finish their songs, you can slouch by the sofa for the meantime. Not all family KTV bars in Manila provide that option.

Some karaoke enthusiasts find it a lot easier to sing their hearts out when the place is comfortable for them to move around. Some folks may not find it easy to sing in a place that seemed restrictive. Or a place that didn’t have enough leg room to stretch around with. Perhaps the most comforting about the KTV room here at iChill Theater Cafe is the privacy. It is one of the family KTV bars in Manila with a room spacious enough to host up to 25 people in one party. And at the same time, guarantee privacy for karaoke enthusiasts that would prefer to keep their talents to family members and intimately close friends.

Family KTV Bars in Manila

Not all family KTV bars in Manila use an overhead projector.

At first, the overhead projector seemed like a flashy add-on to a karaoke party. That is until you realize how big the screen is here at iChill Theater Cafe. Most family KTV bars in Manila would rely on a TV screen to attach to the karaoke machine. Not here at iChill Theater Cafe. They like it big. Widescreen even.

The overhead projector looms above the sofa area connected to the karaoke machine. It presents the karaoke in a bigger light. It is pretty ideal for karaoke enthusiasts with eyesight problems. The bigger the screen, the bigger the lyrics. It elevates the karaoke experience on a life-size level. iChill Theater Cafe is one of the few family KTV bars in Manila that can help you experience that.

Family KTV Bars in Manila

Not all family KTV bars in Manila provide the all-inclusive option.

iChill Theater Cafe might be the only place that has that option. And it is easy to understand why. It means totally consumable food and drinks for Php1400 per hour. No rent, all free: karaoke, projector, aircon, electricity, assistance, laptop connection, etc. The other option available is  the Php700 corkage fee and free usage. On the other hand, it would mean paying the corkage fee per hour for the food and drinks that you’d rather bring over to the party.

Taking the all-inclusive option here at iChill Theater Cafe meant that you can order anything for only Php1400 per hour. It might have been one of the few family KTV bars in Manila providing that perk. That means less hassle to bring in the food and drinks. You can leave that concern aside. The all-inclusive option would alleviate further worries of deciding what to eat. With pasta, nachos and popcorn in the menu ready to serve with the drinks. All that is left for you to do is enjoy the party.

Get in touch with iChill Theater Cafe. One of the most recognizable family KTV bars in Manila today. It’s as easy as dialing 521-0056 on your landline to make reservations. Real-time updates regarding special deals and promos are posted on their social media accounts. Like their official Facebook page, iChill Theater Cafe. And follow them on Twitter @iChillTheater. May the coffee be with you.

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