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iChill Theater Cafe Coffee KTV Manila Area: Planning Your KTV Party

KTV Manila Area: Planning Your KTV Party

KTV Manila Area

The idea on how to plan your KTV Manila Area event is stressful. But even the most stressful tasks reach a fun level. So might as well face it. A seasoned planner would have a checklist ready to keep track of the bits and pieces needed to stage a karaoke party. Whether you hired an events planner or plan the event yourself, be prepared to face the questions that needed to be addressed. We’d also mention how iChill Theater Cafe can help you.

How to Plan Your Event

KTV Manila Area
What type of event?

This might be the easiest question to answer prior to picking iChill Theater Cafe for your event. You may have other ideas or concepts. iChill Theater Cafe’s staff would be happy to join you in the brainstorming process if you like. The theater theme for your KTV Manila area party might fit your proposed idea.

KTV Manila Area
What is the goal of your event?

How to plan your KTV Manila area event when a simple birthday party would not be enough? People have different definitions of the word “simple”. And you may have heard about birthday celebrants that wanted to add substance to the occasion. It is a given that everybody gets to eat. And you have a sumptuous menu at iChill Theater Cafe with which you can take your pick.

But what to do when you can launch an event to coincide with your birthday? Parties staged at a KTV Manila area like iChill Theater Cafe often include the possibility of meeting new people. It comes with expanding your network of contacts. Since it will be the most obvious in exploring these possibilities. Finding ways to make them useful beforehand should be included in the brainstorming process.

KTV Manila Area
How public (or private) is your event?

Events get plugged, marketed and pitched all over social media. Yes, including KTV Manila area birthday parties. Because no one ever dreamed of a party that attracted only flies. iChill Theater Cafe can help you with plugging it to the right audience though in case you’d like to have coincide with an event you plan to launch. The KTV facilities found at iChill Theater Cafe can serve as a carrot to attracting people within your circle too. When you think that the time is right to hand out the business cards, distribute away.

Business cards are excellent conversation pieces. You are not stuck in the “What do you do” level of chit-chat. Contacts are established. Old ties are renewed. And more opportunities await you business-wise. It was occasionally subject to abuse unless you know how to interject your business with pleasure. Who would have thought events staged in KTV Manila area such as iChill Theater Cafe meant expanding further your influence?

How to Plan Your Event

KTV Manila Area
When will the event be held?

This is why it is important that you get in touch with iChill Theater Cafe as soon as you thought of a nice KTV Manila area. Because you can never tell if the date you have in mind is available. iChill Theater Cafe has become the ideal place for KTV parties that are neither too intimate nor too public. Calling a week before your tentative date is highly recommended. This also buys you some time budget-wise in anticipation of the following options.

Php 1200.00 Consumable Option
Includes food and drinks ordered at iChill Theater Cafe.
Applicable in this option is projector use for KTV purposes.

Php 600.00 Corkage Fee
Food and drinks are paid separately as you order.
Also includes KTV use with projector.

Both options come with use of the fully-airconditioned room and assistance from our friendly waiters at iChill Theater Cafe. The KTV room is found upstairs. Both options refer to the room regardless of head count. Now you can enjoy KTV Manila area for as many guests as you can fit in a room. Capacity can go as far as 30 people. No wonder it’s become one of the in-demand among available KTV Manila area joints.

KTV Manila Area

Screengrab from GMA News TV’s “Taste Buddies” featuring iChill Theater Cafe

Call iChill Theater Cafe as soon as you can through our landline. Our landline number is at 3135321. For the latest deals and promos – open mic and freebies by the first floor – check out our social media accounts. Like our official Facebook page, iChill Theater Cafe. And follow us on Twitter @iChillTheater. May the coffee be with you.

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