UST Manila’s History

UST Manila’s History

Let’s discuss UST Manila’s history knowing how most of iChill Theater Cafe’s clientele come from the University of Santo Tomas. Apart from being one of the biggest Catholic universities in the world and the biggest Catholic university in Asia, what else is there to know about UST Manila’s history?

Originally named Colegio de Nuestra Senora del Santisimo Rosario when it was still located in Intramuros, it was eventually renamed as Colegio de Santo Tomas as homage to the most prominent Dominican theologian, Thomas Aquinas.

UST Manila’s History

Other important dates and events are as follows:

– November 20, 1645 = the date it became a university by virtue of an order from Pope Innocent X

– 1680 = the Spanish monarchy placed the educational institution under its patronage.

– 1734 = all other faculties catering to courses outside theology and philosophy were finally offered by virtue of an order from Pope Clement XII

– 1762 to 1764 = students served as military reserves for the defense operations in retaliation to the British invasion of Manila

– 1785 = the status of royal university was officially granted as ordered by then King Charles III (El Rey Carlos Tercero) in recognition for the successful defense operations against the British invasion

– May 20, 1865 = the authority and power to be in charge of all schools in the Philippines was given to the university by virtue of an order enacted by Queen Isabella II

– September 17, 1902 = the university was given the title “Pontifical University” by virtue of an order enacted by Pope Leo XIII along with the title “Catholic University of the Philippines”

UST Manila’s History

Today, UST still participates in nation-building as seen in the upcoming job fair simply entitled “UST Jobs 2015“. Seen as an annual university-wide job fair, alumni and students seeking employment or internship are encouraged to come over and discuss offers provided by the invited companies.

Sponsored by Security Bank, the Job Fair will be in partnership with the Thomasian Junior Association for People Management and UST Behavioral Science Society. Providing employment as a means to a better life is seen by the university as a good way to participate once more in nation-building.

UST Manila is open to everyone. All people coming from different religions, beliefs and cultural backgrounds are welcome to enroll upon passing the required entrance exam. With a relatively relaxed environment and nice establishments to go into for meals, snacks and refreshments, you are rest assured to get cozy with the surroundings. Of course, the highly recommended coffee shop to go to would be iChill Theater Cafe. Special deals and promos await you. To ensure that you get to them first, we suggest that you follow us on our official social media accounts, Facebook & Twitter. for more info and updates. May the Coffee be with you!