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iChill Theater Cafe Theater Asal Mard – The real man film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan 2018

Asal Mard – The real man film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan 2018

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Asal Mard – The real man

A neo-noirish crime drama about a group of pornographers who specializes in rape porn. They are summoned to shoot a new video quickly because the clients are waiting. They go a little reckless with the new video and goes to a place which is supposed to be dangerous for girls but in the end, they are in the danger.
The ringleader of this group is a male-chauvinist Gopal. In his mind, he justifies the attacks as the punishment for spoiling the ‘great culture’.
He is a rising star in politics and his political discourses are full of reference to the glorious culture and how he is fighting to preserve it.
By the end of the movie, the group is able to sell the video and are paid for it in full public view but the video is not the porn video for which they were hired.
The movie deals with the concept of masculinity for in deeply patriarchal society in the style of crime drama.

Director Biography

Sumeet has been working on indie short films for more than a decade now and has shot some short feature films as well.
He is recognized for his effort on 2015 short film “Turup Chaal” which created a sensation in 2017 Jio FilmFare awards, where it competed against the short films from big production houses and with bigger stars.
Though Turup Chaal failed to win the coveted prize it emerged as one of the top movies of the festival, based on the number of views.
Now he has relocated to Mumbai and is working on more concepts.
He works full time in software field and works on movies as passion projects.

Director Statement

The plot for this movie came to my mind when I read about an attack on a young couple enjoying privacy in a park. Why seemingly normal youths attack the couple?
The answer lies everywhere in this patriarchal society. The girls who go out with other men are spoiling the culture, according to most. And therefore they are a good game for rowdies.
The youth who do this do not think of it as a crime and this movie shows their mindset.
A famous joke is that a man buys a cigarette and on reading the warning about it having the risk of making a man impotent, goes back to the shopkeeper and asks for the cigarette which has the risk of cancer only. It shows the importance of supposed manhood over life.
In the movie, the (supposedly) real men, hunt for easy preys and then justifies it as the mistake of the victims. As a cruel irony, they finally come face to face with the most vulnerable person for them, the transgender; and their bravado goes up in flames.


iChill Manila International Film Fest

Kuya Manzano (festival director)

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