Best Actor award nominees June 2017 iChill Manila International Film Fest

Best Actor award nominees June 2017 iChill Manila International Film Fest

And the films nominated for best Actor are…

Drum roll…………….


Ivy – Dan Shaked

“Ivy” is a short psychological horror-thriller about a man’s struggle to come to grips with his deteriorating mental state stemming from losing the love of his life.

Rick is a young man living in a nice apartment who seems to be having difficulty going outside ever since his girlfriend mysteriously left. The people around him seem to be trying to push him toward leaving the apartment and moving on with his life, but not everything is as it appears to be…


The Man Who Lived In The Cloud(s)

A guy walks around the city after his loved rejects him. A girl invites him to a place when he gets know a mysterious woman. Reality and fantasy become confused plus his obsession with that woman put in risk his job. Maybe this word it not enough for him.


I see you everywhere

A man with an obsession…


The Interview

Christophe, in his thirties, black, passes a job interview in the company where his girlfriend, Emma, works. The same night, convinced he got the job, the couple celebrates the event. But in the heat of the moment, Christophe asks himself if he will be chosen for his skills or if he received special treatment. The evening has only just begun…


Winner to be announced soon, congrats to the nominated!

Kuya Manzano – Film Festival Director

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