Best Film award nominees June 2017 iChill Manila International Film Fest

Best Film award nominees June 2017 iChill Manila International Film Fest

And the films nominated for best Film are…

Drum roll…………….



1993 Poonch; a small town at (Kashmir) India- Pakistan border,
where watching TV and films got banned by extremists and three years passed since nobody had watched TV or listened music…
Bullets hit the walls of houses every night during cross firings between army and extremists… Hameed collects bullet shells and sells them to earn money… He collects money to go to Jammu (city) to watch a film in cinema… and the day come when he succeeds… Hameed is the only person from town who has seen a film that too cinema since years…
For Imtiyaz and Rasheed, he is the bridge to cinema… Hameed tells them the stories and dialogues of films he watches and all the boys copy his dialogues…
One fine day Rajan, the hero of that town comes back, who had gone to (Bollywood) Mumbai to become a film star, He is a failure in Mumbai, but a star for these young boys, meeting Rajan changes their lives and thus starts a roller costar journey of making of a film where even watching a film is a punishable act…



A large cherry tree in a garden. A family, memories, moments of life and time passes, tirelessly. Through the four seasons, the cherry tree evolves and this family also. Like a poem about passing time and an ode to nature.


The Great Destiny

Musical fresco, moderno opera, telling with lyricism a thrilling story of human evolution from prehistoric times to nowadays, during which the consciousness discovers its power of resilience.



The filmmaker complete the memory of her father died at an early age , following the story of six Chilean journalists who had to remain stuck during the 2. World War in Japan due the Pearl Harbour Attack and be evacuated on an prisoners exchange.


The Other

While on the desert, a hitman’s “job” takes a wild turn on the time first-assassin .


Winner to be announced soon, congrats to the nominated!

Kuya Manzano – Film Festival Director

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