Best soundtrack award nominees June 2017 iChill Manila International Film Fest

Best soundtrack award nominees June 2017 iChill Manila International Film Fest

And the films nominated for best Soundtrack film are…

Drum roll…………….


Rain Dance

Rain dance: a weather modification ritual that attempts to invoke rain.


Dear Dylan

A woman leaves her man for another, breaking up with him through a letter.



Life is always changing. Events connect people together and for a while, they float along the same path. They have moments together that make awesome memories, but eventually, they part ways and move on. Either they grow apart or they die.

The Others is about a once intimate group of Broadway actors who reunite after the tragic death of one of their own. Amidst reminiscing, singing and attempts to get closure for unresolved matters, they come to terms that relationships are not what they once were.

The story centers around Max and his struggle to deal with his past, his present and the guilt he carries for neglecting a friend in need.

Shot in Lake Arrowhead, CA; 25-page script, a cast of 7 and a crew of 5.



Fran is an OTAKU. But Fran has a problem. His unusual character, combined with his obsession with reading and drawing manga, have led him to a reclusive life as a shut-in, barring himself from society and from his cousin Carlos, his roommate.


The great Destiny

Musical fresco, moderno opera, telling with lyricism a thrilling story of human evolution from prehistoric times to nowadays, during which the consciousness discovers its power of resilience.


Winner to be announced soon, congrats to the nominated!