Fantastic Vacance film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan18

Fantastic Vacance film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan18



On a hot summer day.
So-Young is asking for help from her mother(Madame Jin) because she does not have enough deposit money.
So-Young gets on the bus as it does not go down well on holidays.

So-Young and Madame Jin meet each other, but one night passes through each other in arguing.

The next morning Madame-Jin goes to Samchonpo with a small yellow car with the logo of the chicken house to receive the money with So-Young.
Who is in Samchonpo?
Is it really possible to get money when they go there?
So-Young is curious, but once she follows Madame Jin.

Where does Madame Jin go?
Who are we going to see?
Having kept secret of last night, So-Young goes to Samcheonpo along with Madame Jin.

Can they get to Samcheonpo without any problems?
Who is waiting for them in Samchonpo?

The team

Production Company Movieplanet
Distribution Company Movieplanet
Lead actor / actress Jin-a Kim
Lead actor / actress Anjella An
Supporting actor / actress Samdong Song
Supporting actor / actress Seongchan Shon
Supporting actor / actress Sun Joo Lee
Supporting actor / actress Deok Jung Kang
Supporting actor / actress Jae Hyun Kim
Supporting actor / actress Tae Hyun Go
Supporting actor / actress Hyunkyung Jo
Original material author Youngsun Shin
Director of photography Jong Hyun Oh
Production sound mixer Sam Bang
Film editor Sungyup Yoo
Music soundtrack Se Young Kwon
Digital effects Min Soo Shin
Sound editing Juicemedia (lee Ha Nul)


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