Ip-is film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan18

Ip-is film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan18

Funded by ICEC (Institut Català d’Empreses Culturals). With the support of PAC, Producers Meet Producers (Sitges Film Festival), Cerdanya Film Comission, Catalan Films and CIFO l’Hospitalet.

Loui makes a living doctoring photos of powerful people in compromising situations.

The team

Production Company Films De L’orient
Scriptwriter Lídia Milette Artigas
First assistant director Ferran  Pujol
Director of photography Kimio Ogawa
Gaffer Stanka Asenova
Gaffer Ismael Sancho
Art director Cristina Lliuró
Art director assistant Noemí Garrido
Hair stylist Noemí Garrido
Make-up artist Paula Yuste
Color correction Joan Hurtado
Digital effects Ferran Pujol
Sound designer Alex Davies
Film editor Pol Diggler
Music soundtrack Miquel Solé
Lead actor / actress Roser Bundó
Supporting actor / actress Judit Ampudia
Supporting actor / actress Xavier Martinez


The Director: Pol Diggler

Barcelona. Director, producer and ad visual
Around the middle of 2014 he created
FERGAHT Productions, an independent and
low-cost label that joins professionals from
each filmmaking department, from original
idea and scriptwriting to postproduction and
Since then and under his direction,
FERGAHT’s films have achieved 35
international awards and have been selected
in more than 200 festivals.
-2017: IP-IS
-2016: Senyora Bien
-2015: Director’s Cut
-2015: No Signal
-2015: Ivette
-2015: Begancé
-2014: Webserie “Que Conste En Acta”
-2014: Algo Temporal
-2014: Origin
-2014: Spot The Cat Factory
-2014: Confidents
-2014: Honey Honey


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