MAHASATTA 2035 film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan 2018

MAHASATTA 2035 film at the iChill Manila International Film Fest Jan 2018


Society is changing by two peoples,one is rulers and other is filmmakers.now days it is need of society that it needs to make social movies.Social movie containing solution and implementation of its of world problems and according to that role of peoples/political leaders for making country world power(growth).Inspirational movie,Social movie,rural showing film,Reality showing movie.this movie contains theme that when any nations all people’s come together and work hard then that nations growth is 100% to achieve the goal of become world power.examples of what best activities carried by nations such as China, Germany, Argentina, Malaysia, Canada, Israel is highlighted and how to we all can accept that’s by our rulers is contained.
Mainly my movie content is world’s tomorrow need.what society will need to save life in future is contained in my movie.so it is society’s duty that how to save nature and ultimately how to save world life for future prospective.it contains in my movie.
Mostly all viewers look cinema for entertaining but it happened entertainment for only 2 hours at watching.but social movies are playing role for whole life.
But social movies plays best role because that movies are solve life problem,develop life sophisticated and ultimately society.it is today’s needs of social movies for change minds of people’s for best of our next generation.
My movie is best example for developing nations.Also my movie is best example of encouragement.

My movie’s every word is powerful and meaningful.Content of my movie is very strong.all points contains in movie are very needed for all human beings for today and tomorrow.

my movie is society changing role.

my movie is social and inspiration, motivated movie encourage people’s.also contains social problems solutions and role of rulers accordingly.my movie is also fight for human rights and depends upon modernisation.my movie learn anybody(sad,normal, frustrated and all)to fight with struggling and achieve success and develop nation.my movie also contains 51 social problems solutions solved by rulers such as poverty, ilitercy, population,pollution control,water conservation and mostly GLOBAL WARMING,girls sex ratio.
My movie is best example for developing nations also guideline to developed countries. It is our small try,which all of you will like.

Director Biography

Mechanical engineer having well established business.starting from zero and now is crore owners.hard worked,businessman.creative person.

Director Statement

i had made movie inspire,motivational,have to suffer duty for nation,global problems solution and how to implement by peoples and rulers.then nation can grow up and will become leader.also made movie by doing study of many nations good things and highlighted it in certain places as example for developing nation.



iChill Manila International Film Fest

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