LOVE YOUGHURT CHESSE film Winner for best Comedy at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!

Congratulations LOVE YOUGHURT CHESSE film Winner for best Comedy at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!


Inge Vela was born in Asturias in 1974. While he was following his compulsory studies he started to write poetry and horror short stories. Some of them were published in the monthly magazine FANZINE where he used to sign his works as “Ovejita Negra”. In 1992 he received the first national award of script against racism and xenophobia with the script titled Yesenia. In 1994 he started his degree in screenplay and direction at the Bilboko Zinema Eskola. While he was following these studies he worked as a fencing and martial arts choreographer for amateur theater and low budget short films. He also did production work in music videoclips. As soon as he finished his film studies, in 1996 he took a course in photography and lighting, at the Film Center in Madrid. After training, he worked in several short films in production work and as an assistant director. In 1999 he left cinematography to work and dedicate himself to the teaching of the old fencing. He lived in several foreign countries of northern Europe and in Japan, devoting himself to the sword. But this did not stop him from working in the short documentary Satomi by filmmaker Iroyuki Watabe taking charge of the production direction. He also worked with the German director Grace Müller, as an assistant director in the bio-dance short film Steal the he@rt from me” , and with the director and screenwriter Robert Kirchen, as a production director in the false documentary Der Tropfen. At the same time, he used to organize film projections and several cultural activities. He used to organize Folk Metal concerts too, until he returned to Spain and began teaching short film screenwriting and production to private companies and cultural associations. In 2007 he suffered a serious accident that made him stop doing any physical activity. In 2012 he tried to produce his first full-length movie, but finally, it didn´t get ahead. He has been organizing and directing the National Rural film and Short film Festival Agrofilm since 2013. In 2016 he attended an ECAM MasterClass taught by producer José Nolla and director Javier Ruíz Caldera. At the end of that year, he took a course in transition from the short film to the full-lenght film taught by director, screenwriter and producer Juan Vicente Córdoba. This encouraged Inge to write, produce and direct his first short film titled ¿Estás ahí?, a horror short film. Nowadays he is working on the pre-production of his second short film in 35mm, a comedy titled Tráeme queso.


Congrats and until next festival!