Un Favor film Winner for best Drama at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!

Congrats Un Favor film at landing Winner for best Drama at iChill Manila Int Film Fest!

Rodolfo is the father of Nicolas who is in the final year of high school. Nicolas is afraid of him and the relationship between them is hostile. Rodolfo is very demanding with his child’s grades and he shows violent when he doesn’t achieve its objectives.

One day, Rodolfo decides to claim a test and is directed to the school where attends Nicolas.

Ruben, Nicolas’ teacher, welcomes Rodolfo in a friendly manner in his classroom and begin to talk about the test. To the negative of Reuben to modify the qualification, Rodolfo tries to persuade him otherwise but Ruben spoils it for then leave. Rodolfo in his last attempt to achieve his objective, it resorts to its most basic instincts and attacks the teacher.

After the aggression, Rodolfo takes conscience and became honest with Ruben, repented and desperate the situation. Both discover they have something in common very important and empathy for the other, it makes Ruben leave aside their convictions to end up helping Rodolfo. After Ruben modifies the qualification, an unexpected situation surprises Rodolfo testing his humanity.


Congrats and until next festival!